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Welcome to the official website of the African Food Research Network.

The history of AfREN cannot be told without the mention of the Department of Consumer and Food Sciences of the University of Pretoria, South Africa. A few postgraduate students who are foreign nationals were sharing their regrets about the poor state of research facilities and funding at respective home countries during lunch break sometime in July 2017.

The informal discussion held the opinion that if facilities and research fundamentals were adequate in respective African countries, leaving family, friends and sometimes career back home and sojourning to a better-organized country in the pursuit of sound science would not be the only option available for research scientists who are passionate about excellence.

About AfREN

We are a group of food research scientists concerned about the poor narrative of the technical resources for food science research in many parts of Africa, but inspired by the possibilities of changing the narrative to the benefit of ALL.

African Food Research Network (AfREN) is a registered Not for Profit (NPO) organisation in terms of the Nonprofit Organisation Act of 1997 of the Republic of South Africa. Its operations however spread to all parts of Africa to the world and the world to Africa. The main aim of AfREN is to mediate in mitigating the challenges of African food research scientists at conducting sound science that promotes safe food and nutrition security in Africa. It is constituted by a group of research professionals committed to sourcing funding and technical support for food researches at the best global standard…


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AfREN Partners

We are open to partnership and collaboration with a local and international organization
who believe in our cause.
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